“Anyone can offer you a service, but how that service is delivered and by who can make a world of difference." - Peggy Geisler, MA, Owner
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PMG CONSULTING LLC works for the customer offering a high level of professionalism that focuses on listening to the clients needs, then offering reliability as well as great customer service.

PMG Consulting LLC is part of a business co-op that assists agencies with any and all of their business needs.

If your business has an information and technology issue, is looking for great marketing tools, has a web page that needs to be developed or updated or has materials it wants printed then POINT can help.

This one stop shop saves your organization time and money.


  • Promotion Printing
  • Organization
  • IT/Information
  • Networking
  • Trainings

If your company needs a direction we can point you in the right one.

The Goals of Organizational Development is to help organizations define mission and goals; Grow and empower a healthy Board; Develop a successful annual development plan; Structuring stewardship protocol and guidelines; Maximizing communication; Multi-level fundraising; help organizations define their mission and goals.
  • Case development
  • Prospect Research
  • Proposal development and writing
  • Proposal review, editing or coaching
  • Project management and reporting
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