Collective Impact Population Health Outcomes

Posted By on September 26th, 2017

Complexity? Plan for It.

Complex problems require complex solutions. Are you facing a problem you know is multi-faceted? Instead of searching for a quick, temporary single factor solution, know complexity and plan for it.

Here at PMG Consulting, we know how to plan for complexity when addressing health outcomes as a community. Population health can be tricky, but our 3-pronged approach to solutions can handle the twists and turns of any community’s road to successful outcomes.

Planning for population health should include three core components. These core components consist of a theory of change model, a systemic framework needed for change to occur and a vehicle to deliver/facilitate the change.

Peggy, Owner and Lead Consultant of PMG Consulting, elaborates on the complexity of population health outcomes in her published article in the Delaware Journal of Public Health. To learn more about a basic working knowledge of the components and ensure an understanding of why each of the best practices individually are impactful, read full article.

Originally published in the Delaware Journal of Public Health.