Case Study – Delaware Center for Health Innovation

Posted By on October 1st, 2017

The Delaware Center for Health Innovation (DCHI) is a public-private partnership, working collaboratively with key partners to guide implementation of the State Health Care Innovation Plan to attain Delaware’s vision of becoming one of the healthiest states in the nation. DCHI is dedicated to fostering systemic healthcare transformation to achieve better health and affordable health care through the continuing, inclusive involvement of a diverse and invested group of stakeholders, representing public and private sectors across the Delaware landscape. (Learn more about the Delaware Center for Health Innovation at

One of the key initiatives undertaken by DCHI in support of comprehensive health care transformation is the State’s Healthy Neighborhoods Program. Healthy Neighborhoods (HN) is an innovative approach to population health, bringing communities together in new ways to design and implement locally-tailored solutions to some of Delaware’s most pressing health needs. DCHI proactively engaged PMG Consulting, LLC (PMG) to provide strategic leadership in the design and roll –out of the Healthy Neighborhoods program, including the development of a framework to ensure the long-term investment and engagement in Healthy Neighborhoods as a proven vehicle for addressing population health needs.

PMG Consulting, LLC (PMG), was instrumental in guiding the approach to establishing three inaugural Healthy Neighborhoods Local Councils, one in each of Delaware’s three counties. PMG provided strategic guidance and operational support from the launch of the first Healthy Neighborhoods Local Council in 2016 to the establishment of a comprehensive structure to achieve a collective impact across the state in tackling social determinants of health

PMG has extensive experience in collective impact work and strategic initiative planning. Upon assessing the landscape, PMG Founder, Peggy Geisler, and the Healthy Neighborhoods team worked to identify the priority needs of the community and to develop a sustainable, collaborative model to drive transformative solutions for improving population health. PMG developed a Healthy Neighborhoods’ collective impact framework as the foundation for the program, engaging stakeholders from various backgrounds and at the community, county, and state levels in both private and public sectors across the Delaware landscape. PMG was instrumental in the development of the local councils and task force groups as well as identifying and coalescing partners for the Sustainability, Data and CHNA North sub-Committees that engaged directly with the DCHI HN Committee. Strategic in nature, PMG designed the framework for program rollout and implementation while also successfully accelerating initiatives and securing strategic partners and potential funding sources to ensure the realization of community transformation, benefit and impact. The work of PMG positioned the DCHI Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative for great success, sustainable transformation, and a smooth transition to the Delaware Health Care Commission to continue and to build upon the effort as part of the State’s on-going work in implementing the State Health Care Innovation Plan.

Positive Results

PMG was instrumental in laying a solid foundation and establishing a sound framework and model for advancing Healthy Neighborhoods toward improving the health and well-being of all Delawareans.

Julane W. Miller-Armbrister, Executive Director, DCHI