PMG offers broad-ranging expertise and a unique understanding of the region’s nonprofit and community landscape. The individualized attention to each client will make you feel like PMG is part of your team from understanding a need, to identifying strategies, to the development and implementation of a sustainable solution.

Services are designed based on each client’s unique needs.

Corporate-to-Community Based Planning, Philanthropy and Impact

We help businesses of all sizes discover how they can effectively extend their generosity and talents to the community by:

  • Providing analysis on social impact areas
  • Identifying other corporate key stakeholders to align
  • Developing strategies and systems
  • Demonstrating corporate impact driven through corporate philanthropy
  • Ensuring data and information that effectively promote impact

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is a critical tool for management of organization growth and activities. The plan itself should:

  • Set priorities
  • Focus resources
  • Strengthen operations
  • Align employees and other stakeholders toward common goals
  • Identify internal and external outcomes

Community Impact

PMG works with lead organizations, governments and philanthropists to develop plans to address complex social concerns within the landscape of a geographic region by

  • Performing a Landscape Analysis to identify areas of opportunity
  • Identify and rank a community’s main priorities
  • Establishing aspirational goals of the community
  • Providing a clear set of strategies to achieve those goals
  • Helping to design a dashboard with benchmarks to track results

Coalition Development

Experience from around the world has shown that building coalitions is the most effective methods of achieving collaborative objectives. Coalitions operate by:

  • Coalescing key stakeholders
  • Setting a unified vision
  • Aligning political, organizational and material resources
  • Using collective decision making skills towards achieving common goals
  • Manifesting a collective impact model
  • Alignment towards shared results

Training & Implementation

PMG provides comprehensive support in the design and launch of collective impact efforts, including:

  • Planning support
  • Facilitation of strategy selection
  • Analysis and guidance for the development of shared measurement systems
  • Evaluation of collective impact efforts

Community Engagement

Within any organization or community, people have vastly different ideas, values and sensitivities. Community outreach and engagement is all about:

  • Gathering input across multiple groups of people
  • Collecting a variety of perspectives
  • Creating a consensus around common goals (strike “Making them all feel invested in a project)
  • Finding common goals

Leadership Coaching

Through coaching, leaders master the skills and behaviors needed to successfully navigate dynamic business realities. With newfound skills and strengthened competencies, leaders increase personal effectiveness and transform teams.

Successful organizations recognize the advantage of ongoing development for key individuals and the benefits of providing situational coaching during times of organizational need. Forward-thinking organizations use coaching as a core component of their business strategy aimed at exceeding goals.